Be wary of the website; the operator seems to employ a "bait and switch" price system for the Raspberry Pi 4.  Here's a screenshot of the product with prices:

And, after adding it to my basket, here's how it appears:

But look what happens after you hit "Continue to Checkout:"

What's odd, is I saw the old prices for a few milliseconds, then the totals went up automatically. I thought at first the prices went up because I'm in the US and I was putting in my shipping address before I noticed the change, but I cleared out all of the cookies from my browser and restarted, and the change happened before I touched the shipping info.

This was on Firefox on Linux, so I also tested with Chromium on Linux, and Firefox from a remote Windows 2008r2 server instance. On the remote Windows instance, the 'change' happened much more slowly. (I'm sure due to the bandwidth of the remote session regarding screen updates, as the price kind of "fades out then back in.")

Through further research (called math), I found the site is adding 20% to the cost of the products. 20%. Well, the UK income tax "Basic Rate" between £12,501 and £50,000 is 20%. But I don't work in the UK. Oh, wait... their VAT tax is 20% also! But... the shop quotes the initial prices "including VAT." So, is the site charging VAT twice? And... once I choose a US destination, shouldn't the VAT be removed? Several sources stated it should.

The default shipping country is the UK - and the price change happened there; I changed the shipping country to the US (again), then to the US Outlying Islands, UAE, Western Sahara, Australia and Belarus, and there was no change in the price or shipping - except that it was still several pounds sterling more than what's specified in the web store.

So, then I thought to myself: "Self! I wonder what their Terms of Sale document says..." and I found this:

Be warned: I'm not a lawyer, solicitor or barrister, but something looks a tad fishy in the way that's worded - almost like if someone notices they're sneakily overcharged there's a fallback of "Didn't you read Section 4 of my Terms of Sale?"

I would've happy purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 (4G) -- heck, I didn't even care about paying VAT despite me being a Yank... but not when the price "magically" goes up between the store and the shopping cart.


Roger "Merch" Merchberger